Affiliate partners can earn up to $10,000 per client acquisition with us. We provide a multi-tiered CPA structure with the flexibility to suit a diverse range of affiliate setups. 

Who is this program for?

Benefits of joining us

With our seamless onboarding process and global reach, we’ll work closely with you to help convert your referrals. 

An expert team of affiliate marketing conversion specialists to help grow your business

Multi-level payout structure

Advanced real-time tracking technology

Global sales specialists to support your digital presence

Flexible payout arrangements

How much could you earn

You can earn up to $10,000 CPA with commission tiers based on your country of residence. Find out how much you can earn along each client’s trading journey.


Trial Account

Standard Account

Gold Account

Business Account

VIP Account

*these are the default rates







How it works

1. Join us as an Introducing Broker. We’ll review your application within 3 Business Days.

2. Access your tracking links. After signing up, you’ll be able to access your custom tracking links, which you can use for all Compass Asset Management marketing material.

3. Refer and start earning. You’ll be paid within 30 days for all successful referrals.