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At Compass Asset Management, we will always give you the freedom and flexibility to find the best-fitted account type for your trading needs. With various exceptional trading conditions and exclusive features, Compass Asset Management let you select from the Standard, Gold, Business, and VIP accounts, all designed for newbie traders all the way to super pros. Trade at the level you want using your preferred trading strategy and enjoy the complete Compass Asset Management experience.

Discover the features and exclusive benefits associated with each account type in the tables below:  



1:100 leverage

1 on 1 trial with a certified licensed broker

Broad exposure up to 20 trades from all account types



1:200 leverage

Up to 25% margin loan

Daily news

Weekly market review

Account manager

Weekly live stream

Trading webinar



1:200 leverage

Up to 50% margin loan

Daily market review

Daily Market Signals

Personal portfolio manager

Weekly live stream trading webinar

Daily one on one with an Analyst

In-Depth Research

Portfolio Construction



1:300 leverage

Up to 75% margin loan

Daily market review

Personal portfolio manager

Weekly live stream trading webinar

Daily one on one session with top Analyst

Customized Education

Daily Market Signals

In-Depth Research

Invites to VIP events

Managed Portfolio



1:400 leverage

Up to 100% margin loan

Daily market review & signals

Unlimited access to brokers

Personal VIP Adviser

Customized Education

Daily one on one live stream trading webinar with top analyst

Wealth Manager

Access to VIP events

Risk free trades

Managed Portfolio

Higher Payouts

Super tight spreads

Asset Management

Get Access to alternative investment strategies and asset classes such as Real Estate Funds, Private Equity Funds, and Emerging Markets

Become a vip

The best commission structure and tailor-made products we can help you achieve your revenue expectations.

Introducing Brokers Program

Our partner programs offer a range of benefits for professional fund managers, introducing brokers and affiliates.


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